Digiprint Digital Storefront

    You will need to register (SEE DEMONSTRATION VIDEO) before sending your first order. This requires only an email address and a new password. MU campus users logging in will be able to use their PawPrint password, OR the new password they enter when registering. You will be instructed to register on the log-in screen, if you haven't already. All customers will need to register with the new system.

    Please use the links below to use our new Digiprint digital storefront:

    1. Click here to place an Upload File or Hard Copy order
    2. Click here to place a Large Format order
    3. Click here to Edit Profile
    4. Click here to View Job List
    5. Click here to place a Digiprint Barcode request

    New Digital Storefront FAQ:

    What is NEW with the new Digiprint Digital Storefront?

    • New submission form designs using FLASH.
    • You can upload more than one file per job.
    • PDFs are just uploaded now, without needless processing.
    • Orders can be submitted, saved, and accessed later, even if your files are not "ready" to be approved for printing.
    • You can authorize other users to access your jobs for viewing and re-ordering
    • After registering with the new system, users who registered with a PAWPRINT type email address can use their PAWPRINT PASSWORD to log into the system, or their DIGIPRINT PASSWORD specified during registration.

    What are the four new pages for the new system?

    1. Upload files of hard copy submission form page
    Use this option to submit hard copy jobs, or jobs where you upload your file(s) directly. (Maximum sheet size up to 14 x 20 inches.)

    2. Large format submission form page
    Use this option to submit hard copy jobs, or jobs where you upload your file(s) directly. (For jobs larger than 14 x 20 inches that might need mounting and/or laminating.)

    3. Profile information page
    This page lets you edit the information used to auto-fill your customer information, specify authorized users for access to your jobs for viewing and reordering, and a link to your job list.

    4. Job list page
    This page shows you your current and old jobs and lets you access jobs with "uploading" status, and re-order old jobs. May include jobs submitted by users who have authorized you to view their jobs in their profile.

    How do I register?

    When you select any of the links above (except the "Digiprint Barcode request" and "Demonstration Video" links) you are asked to log in and provide your email (user name) and password. There is a link at the top of that page that can take you to the registration screen if you need to register. You will be taken back to the log-in page after you provide your email and Digiprint password.

    How do I re-order a job?

    You can re-order a job by viewing the job list, finding the job you wish to re-order, clicking its tracking number to open the order, and then clicking the "Re-order this job" link near the top of the page.

I noticed a mistake on a file that I have already approved and submitted. How do I fix it?

Call the center you submitted the order to and ask them to change the status of your order back to "uploading". You will then be able to access the order (by clicking its tracking number in the job list), re-upload your corrected file, and re-approve and submit your job for processing.

When I uploaded a Word file to your web site, it converted it to PDF, but the text flowed onto an extra page in the PDF version? How do I avoid this problem?

Our automatic PDF converter often creates PDFs that re-flow, or change the appearance of the submitted document. The best way to avoid this is to make your own PDF rather than relying on our converter. Office 2007 applications have a native PDF "Save-As" option that will create MUCH better PDFs than our converter can. You can learn more about the free PDF export plug-in for Office 2007 applications at Microsoft's web site:

    How do I specify the time my job is due?

    If you require your job be done my a specific time of the day, please indicate that in the special instruction section of the order.

    When I pull down the menu to select a paper type, it doesn't have the size I want?

    The size listed in the paper type selection is the maximum paper size you will be able to select in the paper size selection menu. The maximum sizes vary among the various paper stocks.

What is the difference between trim size and paper size?

The trim size is the size of the final trimmed-out piece. It might be 4 x 6, or 8.5 x 11, or some other values. The paper size is the size of sheet the job will run out on, before it might be trimmed. The trim size and sheet size can be, and often are, the same.

    Thank you for using the new digital storefront.

    If you have any issues using these new pages/forms,
    please call 882-7801 for assistance.